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Linux Pro Online *

Off the Beat * Bruce Byfield

Desktop Trends in 2013 Bruce takes some time to look at LinuxQuestions' Member Choice Awards for trends. This year they suggest some interesting trends on the desktop.

Tin Hats vs. Red Hat * Bruce Byfield

Ordinarily, I avoid anything to do with Roy Schestowitz and TechRights. The interaction is rarely worth the seemingly compulsive abuse that I inevitably receive. However, Schestowitz's recent claim that Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) includes a back door for the NSA is an exception – especially since the story has been picked up by FOSS Force, where, despite the site's skeptical coverage of the claim, its latest poll shows that 34% believe the story, and 27% don't know what to think.

Productivity Sauce * Dmitri Popov

Monitor Your Server with Linux Dash Linux Dash is a new addition to the growing list of server monitoring utilities.

Keep Tabs on Income and Expenses with My Expenses for Android Several traits set My Expenses apart from the myriad of other expense-tracking apps for Android.

Paw Prints * Jon "maddog" Hall

To Have a Warranty or Not to Have a Warranty ... That is the Question Recently the Affordable Care Act (ACA, otherwise known as "Obamacare") has dominated the news of the United States. Whether you are for it or against it makes no difference to this blog post, but there are a lot of similarities between health insurance, car insurance, and computer system warranties that make for an interesting comparison.


Monitoring HPC Systems: What Should You Monitor? By Jeff Layton

One goal of HPC administration is effective monitoring of clusters. In this article, I talk about writing code that measures processor and memory metrics on each node.

The Lua Scripting Language By Oliver Frommel

Is this powerful but simple scripting language big enough for Big Data?

ADMIN Online *

Logging with systemd By Thorsten Scherf

In most cases, log messages are managed by a Syslog server. The Fedora project wants to take a new approach in the future, which is to come from systemd's journal.

PostgreSQL 9.3 By Bernd Helmle

The new PostgreSQL 9.3 release introduces several speed and usability improvements, as well as SQL standards compliance.

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