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Opening an encrypted container is a smooth experience: Select the Scan for CryptoBox Volumes item in the Applications | System Tools menu to select the desired drive in a simple dialog window and then enter the passphrase. The volume can then be used transparently in the file manager. To close an open container volume, click on the volume icon, and select the item the context menu.


The CryptoBoxes also run on third-party computers – if an appropriate infrastructure such as LUKS or VeraCrypt is in place. The systems mount the boxes in read-only mode, so that no unwanted data ends up on the volume. To open the container, you need the passphrase specified on the original system.

Passwords and Keys

GnuPG [7], Seahorse [8], and a matching Gnome GUI help users keep the cryptographic keys safe that secure the communication. You can use USB sticks to pass these keys on, if required. Also, several other tools help users with GnuPG management.

Figaro's password Manager 2 [9] is a graphical tool to help you manage the flood of passwords required by today's application programs, thus offloading the task from the user. The software is found in the Applications | Security menu. This where you will find version 1.19 of the TrueCrypt successor VeraCrypt [5] and the MAT program [10] (Figure 3). MAT anonymizes the metadata, which some file formats store in the background, as well as which users to be profiled under certain circumstances. The small tool makes such data unusable for unauthorized third parties.

Figure 3: Discreete Linux has multiple security applications, including MAT and VeraCrypt.

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