HTTPS out of the box with the Caddy secure web server

Content as Markdown

The Markdown [6] or AsciiDoc description languages provide additional options for content creation in Caddy. Caddy interprets Markdown natively.

You'll need to modify the configuration file to use Markdown with Caddy. Listing 8 contains the markdown entry in lines 5 to 7, followed by a / and a block in curly brackets. Caddy interprets the Markdown permission for the entire website. In line 6, you define which name extensions Caddy accepts, in this example, Markdown (.md) and plain text (.txt). Additionally, Caddy processes information about CSS and JavaScript, as well as individual templates [7].

Listing 8

Markdown and Plain Text

01 http:// {
02   root /opt/caddy/web/default
03   log /opt/caddy/logs/default.log
04   gzip
05   markdown / {
06     ext .md .txt
07   }
08 }


In our tests, Caddy was very fast and reliable, and its modular design makes it quite flexible and easy to configure. Setting up a secure web server has never been easier, and a massive benefit is the ability to serve up encrypted websites. We give Caddy five out of five stars.


If you are interested in a secure connection for other sites that you visit in everyday life, HTTPS Everywhere is worth a look: This free software, which was developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the Tor project, automatically switches from unsecure HTTP transmission to encrypted HTTPS transmission – even if you have accessed HTTP. A green padlock in the address line indicates the change to secure transmission. However, many websites also implement content from third parties that might not use HTTPS. HTTPS Everywhere is available for Mozilla Firefox [8] and Google Chrome [9].

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Frank Hofmann works on the road – preferably from Berlin, Geneva, and Cape Town – as a developer, trainer, and author. He is also the co-author of the Debian package management book (

Mandy Neumeyer has lived in Cape Town for nine years and likes to travel around the world. She works in tourism and is currently building up an extra source of income as a digital nomad.

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