Exploring elementary OS

Who Is It For?

Elementary OS calls itself an OS for macOS and Windows users. Blaede believes that elementary OS is targeted at everyday computer users. However, it does target those who care about their privacy. "We develop elementary OS for users who are fed up with the privacy-invasiveness of modern devices running software like Windows, Chrome OS, and Android," said Blaede.

"We also have had a lot of success with users who are fed up with Apple's continued proprietary approach, planned obsolescence of their devices, and refusal to work with other ecosystems," opines Fore.

It may seem that elementary OS is offering a glass of cold water to those stuck in a Windows and macOS desert.

"We're interested in converting those folks over to using an open source operating system on their desktop or notebook. Over the last year, about 75 percent of people downloading elementary OS do so from a non-Linux operating system, so I'd say we're doing pretty good at reaching those users," said Fore.

It's not just availability of major apps; it's also about support for third-party plugins, hardware, and drivers. So, before switching to elementary OS, do some homework and see if the apps that you need for work are available.

Also keep in mind that elementary OS is a very opinionated OS. It has its own idea of where it wants to go, and there is no room for negotiation. It's more or less like macOS. If you agree with their design principles and the direction they have taken with the curated apps, you will find yourself enjoying this distro.


Elementary OS' added value to the Linux world is bringing the iconic industrial design principle to the platform. As someone who cares a lot about the polish of tools, I think elementary OS is among the most beautiful OSs.

Before you head over to download elementary OS, you should know that elementary OS is not a "band-aid" OS. It's not an OS that popped up to exploit the situation and offer a quick fix for Unity or Gnome. It's a horse in a very long race. They take their time to build things. In my discussion with the team, it was made abundantly clear that they are building a platform for the future, a platform that will become an appealing alternative to macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS.

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