Article from Issue 230/2020

In the news: Microsoft Edge Coming to Linux; Open Invention Network Backs Gnome Project Against Patent Troll; Fedora 31 Released; openSUSE OBS Can Now Build Windows WSL Images; Sudo Vulnerability; Hetzner Launches New Ryzen-Based Dedicated Root Servers; and IBM Joins the Mayflower Autonomous Ship Project.

Microsoft Edge Coming to Linux

For the longest time, any Linux user needing to work with a Microsoft browser had few options. There was always IEs4Linux, but that option tended to install out-of-date, buggy versions of the software. Users could also run a version of Windows within a virtual machine, but that meant actually running Windows.

All of that changes in 2020, when Microsoft Edge comes to Linux. In the "State of the Browser: Microsoft Edge" session at Ignite 2019, it was finally announced that Microsoft was, in fact, bringing their new browser to Linux (

The new Microsoft browser is built around the open source Chromium browser (, but this won't simply be a rebuild and rebrand. Microsoft plans on being actively involved as a contributor to Chromium's open source development. That means any development work done for Edge could find its way to Chromium. So, even if users don't opt to install Edge Chromium on Linux, if they use Chromium they will benefit from Microsoft-contributed work.


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