Zack's Kernel News

Zack's Kernel News

Article from Issue 232/2020

Zack Brown reports on: Line Ending Issues; Hardware Hinting; and Simplifying the Command Line.

Line Ending Issues

Jonathan Corbet posted some kernel documentation updates gathered from many contributors. However, Linus Torvalds spotted some file format problems. Specifically, some of the patches used CRLF (carriage return, line feed) characters as line endings. This dates back to MS-DOS of the elder days, and it's hard to imagine these line endings appearing in any Linux development tool chain.

Jonathan C. said it wasn't his tool chain, but that Jonathan Neuschäfer had submitted the patches to him with those line endings. More importantly, he said, "The problem repeats if I apply those patches now, even if I add an explicit '--no-keep-cr' to the 'git am' command line. It seems like maybe my version of git is somehow broken?"

Linus replied, also ccing the git development mailing list. He speculated, "I wonder if the CRLF removal is broken in general, or if the emails are somehow unusual (patches in attachments or MIME-encoded or something)? Maybe the CRLF was removed from the envelope email lines, but if the patch is then decoded from an attachment or something it's not removed again from there?"


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