Introduction to the Fediverse

Service and Server

Free software is all about choice, and the Fediverse is no exception. An abundance of tools means you'll find the right tool for an abundance of situations, and the freedom to build your own server and target it to your own community will help to spread the influence of the Fediverse throughout the world of Internet users.

Will the Fediverse conquer the world and displace the social media giants? That all depends on whether the world starts watching. If the world's rock idols, politicians, movie stars, and corporate accounts get fed up with Twitter and Facebook and switch to the Fediverse, they will no doubt bring many users with them. If journalists start watching Mastodon accounts the way they watch Twitter accounts now, and treat every post as a quotable news story, the tide will certainly start to turn. But the famous people quoted in the news are only a small fraction of the users on social media. Most people just use social media as a way to communicate with their friends, and it is very easy to imagine circles of friends gradually making the switch to free tools that will protect their privacy and keep them free from data mining and targeted advertising.

Read on for a look at some leading tools of Fediverse. And remember: This issue is just a snapshot of where we are right now. Things change fast with Free Software, as developers adapt to new ideas and changing times. If you don't find what you need today, keep checking!

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