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Article from Issue 283/2024

Want to create a poster from an everyday photo image? Upscayl uses state-of-the-art AI algorithms to scale up images without loss.

If you are a fan of TV series such as NCIS, you will be familiar with the following scene: The team's IT specialist receives a heavily pixelated image with a completely unrecognizable license plate and, in just a few seconds, conjures up a perfectly sharp image on a PC to help convict the perpetrator.

Many users would love to have this technology for their home environment. Perhaps you have experienced the problem of finding a suitable and freely usable image for a blog entry, and then discovering the resolution is far too poor. Or maybe you dug out a great photo that your parents took of you back in the day, but it is too low-res to actually use for anything?

To solve these problem, various websites offer upscalers (Figure 1); examples of web-based upscalers include RedKetchup [1] or Bigjpg [2]. Although these tools usually work well, they do have some major disadvantages. The images end up on a third-party server, and many of the online services charge after a few trial runs.


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