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Paw Prints: Writings of the maddog

Oct 06, 2008 GMT
Jon maddog Hall

In 2004 I was at the FISL conference in Porto Alegre, Brazil when I was introduced to a young man who wanted to create a documentary about the Free Software movement. His name is Christian Einfeldt and he is a lawyer in San Francisco, California

Christian and Paul Donahue, his cameraman, had flown to Brazil to capture some of the excitement and flavor of Free Software that occurs at FISL. At the conference I contributed some video on the early days of the Alpha port and other topics.

Later I found that Christian was traveling to Extremadura, Spain for the Free Software World Conference and when I went to wine country on a trip to California I invited Christian to join Eric Allman (Sendmail) and Michael Shiloh (Openmoko) to join us for a relaxing day.

The Tipping Point project has captured over 350 hours of video from various people around the world, and after the taping was over, the daunting task of editing and conversion of formats began. I think it took longer than Christian thought it would, but he is not the type of guy who gives up.

Today I was informed that the footage I made back in 2004 has reached the Internet Archive under the Digital Tipping Point Video Collection (IA DTP VC). My footage is made up of five segments, and the first is here:

which you can view, "rip, mix, and burn under the Creative Commons Attribute - ShareAlike license" as stated by Christian on the site.

For those of you who do not do "ogg", there are MPEG1 and MPEG4 versions also.

Christian is looking for people to contribute transcriptions of various parts, edits, music, graphics and animations to the project.

For more about "The Digital Tipping Point", you can go to their main Wiki.



  • Enjoyed editing the interview!

    I thoroughly enjoyed doing the initial rough-edit on the interview and your speech, Jon. There is a ton of good information and history in both of them, so I personally hope folks take a look at them. I've already compiled the clips from your speech and made a whole video, albeit the video being little more than cat'ing the clips together and adding some titles.

    I hope others do the same - grab some clips and use your favorite FOSS video editor and increase history.

    Tom King
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