Tuxedo InfinityBook Pro 15 v4

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Unlike many other laptops, the InfinityBook Pro is easy to open. To remove the back cover, you unscrew a series of Phillips screws, loosen the clips between the cover and the case, and then push the keyboard out of the device through the marked screw hole. On the front side, there are three more screws under the keyboard. The process is a bit more complicated than with devices that have an easily accessible maintenance cover, but no special tools are required.

All hardware components are exposed under the cover (Figure 4), so you can clean the fan or replace the battery if needed. Apart from a second slot for a RAM expansion (not used in our test device with 8GB RAM), the InfinityBook Pro offers no space for hardware extensions.

Figure 4: To open the Tuxedo InfinityBook Pro 15 v4, you only need a screwdriver, a flat spatula, and a cut-off toothpick.


The 15.6-inch format of the compact InfinityBook Pro 15 has few disadvantages. Based on its size, you might need a new laptop bag, but the large-format screen offers more room for content, making for a more pleasurable work experience in the long run.

Compared to the competition, the InfinityBook Pro 15 v4 doesn’t offer the upmarket appeal of an aluminum unibody with carbon parts, but the price is also clearly below that of an XPS 15 or MacBook. In addition, the buyer gets a Linux-optimized device that works right out of the box without any additional work.

Since this article was written, a newer version, InfinityBook Pro 15 v5, is now available.

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