Everyman's Qt: Repos per Git

May 12, 2009

Qt Software from Nokia has kept its promise and released Qt to the community. A roadmap shows the direction the project is heading.

One of the biggest criticisms of Qt, next to its licensing policy, was the trouble Trolltech (now Qt Software, a part of Nokia) went through to develop its code with little input from the community. But now that Qt is under LPGL since version 4.5, Nokia's toolkit daughter has opened up its repositories. The current developer branch is now ready for inspection and development in http://qt.gitorious.org. The opportunities ambitious developers could have with the software are described in a Contribute to Qt webpage.

Next to Qt itself, the project plans to host further projects, such as the Qt Creator integrated development environment (IDE). Launch of the source code repositories is also concurrent with a roadmap that Qt Software issued to preview the upcoming Qt versions, planned features and development projects. Here, too, the community is strongly encouraged to participate.

Qt Jambi 4.5.0_01, which is also under LGPL, is the last version to feature Qt bindings to the Java programming language. However, Qt Software still offers a year of maintenance for Jambi and the source code is available on http://qt.gitorious.org for further community development.

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