Experimental Wayland Support Planned for Linux Mint 21.3

Oct 30, 2023

As with most Linux distributions, the migration to Wayland is in full force. While some distributions have already made the move, Linux Mint has been a bit slower to do so.

Although distributions like Ubuntu and Fedora have fully committed to Wayland (and are already shipping releases with it as the default display server protocol), Linux Mint is a bit behind in the migration to Wayland.

Even with Xorg still suffering from numerous shortcomings and security issues, some distributions have hesitated to make the switch. That's understandable, as there are some desktop environments and even applications that have yet to fully support Wayland.

That should change soon, as the Linux Mint team will release version 21.3 with experimental support for Wayland.

Before you get too excited, Wayland will not be the default X server on Linux Mint 21.3. Instead, users can select the Wayland session from the login screen.

It's also important to understand that Wayland won't be fully supported in 21.3, as it's not as stable on Mint as it is on Xorg. Do keep in mind that Wayland does have issues with NVIDIA cards, so your mileage may vary, should you desire to test the new Wayland session.

Because this is Linux, for anyone who wants to keep tabs on the Linux Mint/Wayland progress, you can check out this Trello board that is being used for the project. You can also read more about this on the official Linux Mint blog.


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