Geeks Petition for Free Lenovo BIOS

Jun 02, 2014

FOSS community acts to protect freedom of choice for laptop devices.

Software developer Evan Carroll and several coleagues have started a petition at calling for Lenovo to end its practice of building a hardware whitelist into the BIOS as a means of excluding devices the company does not support. Critics complain that this practice excludes some devices and drivers that the system actually supports, just because Lenovo doesn't happen to have a business agreement with the device vendor. In other words, the exclusion has no technical purpose. For instance, a wifi adapter by a manufacturer that is officially approved by Lenovo is allowed access to the system, but another adapter with an identical chipset is excluded by the BIOS.
The petition calls for Lenovo to release an "unencumbered" version of the BIOS and states "We request the option to purchase third-party miniPCI-E cards and install them into the laptops we purchased."

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