Gifts for Gamers: Some End-of-Year Recommendations, Part 4

Dec 31, 2009

On the last day of the year part four of the gamers recommendations offer some adventure games, sports and action. Have fun!



Free, 2D or activated 3D graphics,

MDDClone-SDL is a pretty exact clone of the game Mercenary. Like the adventure game from 1986, the player makes an emergency landing on a lonely planet. To escape, he has to survey the planet and solve a handful of puzzles.

Monster 2

BSD license, activated 3D graphics,

The role-playing game wants to resurrect the first Final Fantasy game. At least the low resolution graphics bring back the old charm very well.



Unknown license, activated 3D graphics,

This uncomplicated auto racing game looks nice, but under Linux runs just a bit better than unconvincingly. The player runs his little race car on different courses.

Blobby Volley 2

GPL, activated 3D graphics,

As its name indicates, this game is dedicated to beach volleyball, although it's two Jello figures who are the players.

Out of the Park Baseball

Commercial, 2D graphics,

The player takes on the role of baseball trainer and team manager. With some clever planning and player acquisitions, you can bring your team to some successful championships.


GPL, activated 3D graphics,

The visually appealing billiards simulator provides eightball, nineball and carom versions.


Ostrich Riders


The skill game is an adaptation of the somewhat wacky arcade game Joust, that emptied pockets around 1982. An ostrich-riding knight has to defeat enemy combatants riding giant vultures. The key is to hold your lance higher than that of your opponent.


Commercial, 2D graphics,

In the action game BOH you guide your well-armed hero through dark halls and dungeons to face your ultimate enemy, somewhat as in Alien Breed. With its minimalist graphics it also competes for the retro charm title.

Blob Wars: Blob and Conquer

Free, activated 3D graphics, http://hrocksndiamondsttp://

In this crazed shooter game you control a small yellow ball that is fighting its way through a dark maze. Little puzzles loosen up the game.


Free, activated 3D graphics,

The game offers a mix of real-time strategy with action. The goal is to take over strategic map locations with your troops, not losing sight of the supplies you need.


Free, 2D graphics,

An abstract, short duration and uncomplicated shooter game for afternoon breaks, somewhere between Centipede and Starship Command.


Free, activated 3D graphics,

A simple shoot-em-up game where opponents explode only if they're the same color as your bullets.

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  • Gifts for Gamers

    Hi folks.

    Here's another gift for you.
    Fortmactux released a new live dvd games version (i.e. no install required).
    This rich distro has KDE desktop and contains FlightGear1.9.0 , Alice3D , DukeNukem3D, etc.
    (all this with only an 878M dload)
    Download from ibiblio linux distros (fortmactux) at

    Have Fun.

    David Toms (fortmactux)
  • Games

    There is well over 38.400 games and entrainment for Linux fans on Sourceforge and Saybay Linux has just released their new 2010 DVD games version 5.1 with over 3.5 gigs on on it, If anyone is interested then it can be downloaded from or
  • widelands

    Widelands is another one I stumbled on recently - basically a version of `The Settlers'. Quite nice.

    Wow, a Mercenary port, boy that blew a lot of time back on my C64, and got me interested in coding.
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