Google Wave Gets Server/Web Client

Sep 07, 2010

First it gets the axe, then it gets the box.

It's only been a few weeks since Google announced that it would discontinue development of Google Wave and the Wave Federation Protocol, which was open sourced at the I/O Conference in May. Other developers can still work with the source code and the service itself will be available until "the end of the year," according to a Google press release.

Now, Google has announced the next stage of Wave, Wave in a Box. Just as it sounds, Wave in a Box is a server and Web client based on the most recent version of the Wave Federation Protocol. It allows users to host their own private waves, though the functionality will be pared down from the version of Wave we're familiar with today.

The bundle includes a server Web client with built in wave panel, a persistent Wave and store and search implementation, and gadget, robot, and data API support. It's also possible to import existing Google Wave data into a private wave instance.

No release date or pricing, at this time. We'll update the story when we know more.

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