Groupware VMs for Evaluation

Dec 04, 2009

The Mountain View CA startup WireLoad is offering current versions of its group suites Scalix and Zimbra as virtual appliances.

WireLoad, which itself provides email and groupware services, makes the free images available on its Email Service Guide (ESG) webpage that assembles the information on the subject for customers and interested parties. WireLoad emphasizes that the virtual appliances are not yet production-ready, but can serve in evaluating the various groupware products.

The Zimba VMware image uses the newest open source version 6.03 of the groupware product. The software is installed on an Ubuntu 8.04.3 server per the official announcement. Further details on configuration and administration are on the Zimba download page.

The Scalix VM uses the community edition of the software in the current version 11.4.5, with CentOS 5.4 as its platform. Further details are on the Scalix download page.

The virtual appliance images were created with VMware Server 2 and should work with the newer VMware products such as VMware Fusion, WMware Player and VMware Workstation.

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