Managing Dependencies: Apache Releases Stable IvyDE 2.0

Jul 16, 2009

The IvyDE plugin searches for and resolves dependencies in Eclipse projects. The new version 2.0 should work without a hitch.

IvyDE integrates the Ivy dependency manager into Eclipse Java projects. After almost three years of development, version 2.0.0 is now available and resolves some instabilities in the previous version's search functionality. According to the release notes, the resolve-in-workspace function was "refactored to be more reliable and [...] reported to be working like a charm."

The IvyDE documentation was integrated into Eclipse help. Minor enhancements include manual reloading of settings and variable support in ivyconf.xml. The Eclipse plugin uses a classpath container to manage Eclipse classpaths. IvyDE stores dependencies in the Eclipse project's ivy.xml file and provides a wizard for its creation. An Ivy editor provides code completion of XML tags, attributes and even attribute values that work with the IvyDE configuration data. The download site has the software as a single application, Eclipse update version and from the SVN repository.

January 2009 showed the release of the corresponding, first stable version 2.0.0 of Ivy. IvyDE came about early 2006 as Ivy's younger sibling by Jayasoft. Both siblings then became subprojects of the Apache Ant project in October 2007. Ant is a Java code alternative to the make shell command that uses Java classes and XML-based configuration files across platforms.

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