Manjaro Linux 20.2 has Been Unleashed

Dec 07, 2020

The latest iteration of Manjaro Linux has been released with a few interesting new features.

Aside from the regular expected updates, such as kernel 5.9, Pamac 9.5.12, and GNOME 3.38.2, the 20.02 release from the developers of Manjaro Linux has a few added surprises that might intrigue many a user.

One of the coolest features to be found in Manjaro “Nibia” is borrowed from System76’s Pop!_OS. This feature is called Pop Shell and makes it possible to quickly enable automatic window tiling with a click of a button. For anyone who likes their application windows to always be perfectly organized on their desktop, this new tiling feature will go a long way to scratch that itch.

But Manjaro Linux 20.2 isn’t just limited to one tiling option. If your device happens to have a touch screen, you can opt for the Material Shell take, which enables touch-friendly automatic window tiling. So whether you have a standard mouse interface or a touch interface, you can enjoy window tiling.

The Manjaro Application utility has also received a number of improvements, such as the ability to easily select your favorite browsers, office suites, and even password managers.

One other interesting new tidbit is that when using GNOME with non-NVIDIA GPUs, Manjaro 20.02, it will default to Wayland, instead of X11.

For more information on Manjaro Linux “Nibia,” check out the release information and download your own ISO.

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