One for All: Terminal Server X2go 3.0

May 04, 2009

The new version of the X2go terminal server, code-named Uthörn, is particularly Debian 5.0-compliant. Print requests result in files compressed to about 10% before being sent to the client, and the terminal server now supports a third sound architecture through PulseAudio.

X2go revitalizes the old mainframe concept of applications that run on servers and not directly on the user system, known as server-based computing. The attached clients only input data and take care of desktop display, so that older PCs and thin clients can participate in this type of computing.

In the case X2go complete Linux desktop environments run on the server. A special X2go client opens the window to the environment on the attached workstation, currently available in numerous platforms, including Windows, MAC OS X, Nokia N800 and, of course, Linux.

To use the least possible bandwidth, the X2go server compresses all data before shipping it to the client. Analogous to virtualization software such as VirtualBox, you can freeze and resume sessions. Encryption and various authentication mechanisms take care of security. Sessions can be shared with CBT and other remote learning. X2go handles audio output through the Arts and ESD services, and now through PulseAudio. It also works along with other servers, whereby a built-in load balancer handles the traffic.

The necessary packages for X2go installation are in the project repository. The packages are currently optimized for Debian Lenny, but are also available for Ubuntu 9.04. Developers soon want to enhance the software by providing a virtual machine over which you can try X2go bindings.

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