Open Everything

Oct 14, 2008

Open source has long since advanced to become the buzz word in a global conversation. That “open” is an idea which touches many facets of society will be the subject of upcoming events to be held in numerous locations, including London on November 6. and Berlin on December 6.

Open Everything will bring together supporters of the many different aspects of the "open” phenomenon. On their website, the events hosts attempt to bundle the characteristics of “openness”. Which is not easy. Transparency, cooperation and the ability to change are for them important pillars in the open concept. A list of open projects defines the career of the term.

But the inflationary use of “open” also raises a significant question. Is the term “openness” still a value in itself? “Open” is already being used as a slogan in advertising propaganda, which explains the emphasis put on open and free in the software sector. Microsoft too has created its own Open Source Lab. What has Open Salad in common with Open Source, is Open Architecture compatible with Open Hardware? These and other questions are what Open Everything attempts to answer. Places and times of individual events along with further details can be found at the project wiki.

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