TangoCMS 2.3.0 with WYSIWYG Editor

Jul 01, 2009

The TangoCMS content management system is now available in version 2.3.0. The numerous enhancements to the release code-named Dolphin include an embedded WYSIWYG editor.

The new editor for creating and revising pages replaces the previous MediaWiki formatting, which users can still continue to employ. Page layout also provides URL conformance where regular expressions can serve as search patterns.

The TangoCMS also includes a new Comments module with additional features and a Tags module for tagging content such as articles and pages (and a Tag Cloud). Further improvements went into performance. The CSS files are smaller and more compact and JavaScript files are compressed with the Yahoo! YUI Compressor. In the security realm, lockout support after a configurable number of failed logins was included, and the Session module provides SSL encryption (although not yet by default).

The software written in PHP is under GPLv2 and available for download from the project page. The model-view-controller (MVC) framework that powers Dolphin, called Zula, is under LGPL 2.1 licensing.

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