Searching for Answers with Kdict


Article from Issue 52/2005

Don’t worry if your memory lets you down. All you need is a place to look for answers. If you want definitions, explanations, and vocubulary, Kdict, KDE’s dictionary utility, is the tool you need.

Are you sometimes stumped by

arcane technical terms? No need

to worry – that’s what dictionaries

are for. And if you have the Kdict program,

you will also have a virtual translation

tool to help you search for tricky

terms in any language. The installation

is no big deal, since the application has

been part of the kdenetwork package for

quite a while now. Suse users will find

the program under the pseudonym


Kdict uses the DICT protocol [1] to

provide dictionary services; DICT

searches databases located on Internet

servers for definitions of the key words

you enter. If you are hiding behind a firewall,

or if you do not have a permanent

Internet connection – or if an Internetbased

search approach is too expensive

for your taste – you can set up a server

locally instead. In addition to improved

speed and reduced expense, a local

server also allows you to install additional


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