A look at the Gnome 2.14 desktop environment


Article from Issue 69/2006

New features and a leaner, faster, prettier desktop. Are you ready for the latest Gnome?

Gnome Version 2.14 brings the famous Gnu desktop back to its traditional motto of “less is more.” Completely new usability concepts currently distinguish Gnome from its competitors. And the Gnome developers have put a lot of work into improving resource consumption for this latest release. Full Speed Ahead Gnome 2.14 benefits from the work that went into the version 2.10 performance project. The developers have consistently removed bottlenecks and introduced more intelligent algorithms. The most prominent example is the Gnome terminal / Vte pairing, which has become one of the fastest terminal emulations on Linux. And other core components, including the Nautilus file browser, all benefit from the performance boost.

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