Configuring Bluetooth printing in Linux


Article from Issue 80/2007

Even if your printer vendor doesn’t advertise Linux Bluetooth support, there are a few tools that may help you set up your Linux system for Bluetooth printing.

My initial search for a Linux Bluetooth print driver took me to Google and a number of Internet sites. Unfortunately, the drivers I found were several years old, and the documentation included references to “supported” hardware that was no longer even produced. Searching for Bluetooth printers and related hardware brought up quite a few devices, and all of them naturally came with Windows drivers, but none of the devices specifically advertised Linux drivers.

If you read the documentation from printer vendors, you might wonder whether Linux is totally excluded from the world of Bluetooth printing. Luckily, the Linux community has already forged its own solutions to the problems of
Bluetooth printing. This article describes some of the tools you’ll need to configure Bluetooth printing in Linux.

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