Ubuntu 11.10 Sixpack

Ubuntu 11.10 Sixpack

Article from Issue 133/2011

The latest DVD in our sixpack series delivers a smart collection of the leading Ubuntu variants. Boot this disc and sample the new Ubuntu 11.10 release with any of the following distros:

  • Ubuntu – The most recent release of the main Ubuntu line
  • Kubuntu – Many users prefer this KDE version of Ubuntu.
  • Lubuntu – A steady and stable ‘buntu that uses the LXDE desktop and specializes in low-spec hardware.
  • Xubuntu – This light and lively variant, which features the Xfce desktop, also shines on legacy systems.
  • Mythbuntu – A specialty distro for MythTV media center systems.
  • Ubuntu Rescue Remix – Command-line-only distro designed for troubleshooting downed Linux and Windows computers.

Press any key as the system starts to access an easy boot menu that lets you Live boot any *buntu to test drive it before you install. For a permanent installation, just click the Install icon on the desktop.

Reaching the Boot Menu: To access the boot menu:

  1. Insert the DVD in the drive and reboot. If the system doesn’t boot to the DVD, check your BIOS setup menu to ensure that DVD boot is enabled.
  2. Select a language.
  3. In the boot menu, use the arrow keys to select the desired Ubuntu variant and press the Enter key.
  4. A subsequent screen might ask to Try or Install Ubuntu. Select Try to start the system in Live mode, which will not disturb the contents of your hard drive. Note: the specific distro you selected in Step 3 will start, even if the GUI in this step says "Try Ubuntu".

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