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Article from Issue 134/2012

Own the Cloud: Set up your own personal cloud server with ownCloud.

Moving your data and applications to the cloud seems like a great solution to many problems. You can access your files and documents from any device connected to the Internet, sync data between multiple machines, and stay productive while on the move. A myriad of third-party cloud-based services would be happy to store your data and give you access to their web-based applications for a monthly or yearly fee, but this approach raises another set of security and privacy issues. Besides, third party services come and go. Even the most well-established cloud services that seem too big and popular to fail could fade away with time. In theory, you should be able to get your data back, but things don’t always work out in practice. Even if you manage to get a hold of your documents and files, migrating to another cloud-based service can be both time consuming and expensive.

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