Central management of WordPress blogs

Effortless Maneuvers

Article from Issue 151/2013

Blogs have evolved from private diary to professional tool, and if you manage more than one WordPress installation, administration support would be useful. Three tools can help.

WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for casual bloggers and media professionals alike. Numerous plugins, themes, and other add-ons extend the free software. A comment feature, central link management, user roles and rights, and a low learning curve make WordPress a cheap CMS replacement. As with other web applications, without careful and regular maintenance, WordPress is vulnerable to attacks and, in the worst case, opens the door to the whole server. It is important to monitor the software as well as incoming comments and trackbacks and to lock out spammers.

The overhead for a single instance is not too scary. For multiple installations, however, administration is like battling the Hydra – chop off one head, and two new ones grow to replace it.

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