Climbing into the cloud with Apache CloudStack

Obsolete and Up-to-Date Guides

Although CloudStack has excellent documentation because of its history as a commercial product, you might not find it if you search online. The Apache Foundation is changing the format, which means Google finds both up-to-date and totally obsolete versions. Unfortunately, the obsolete versions have the more accessible layout. You will find the latest version of the installation guide at the Apache Foundation website [5]. The menu displayed on the page gives you access to more detailed information. If you do not work your way through the whole document, you are likely to run into trouble at some time.


CloudStack is not an easy product to manage because of its huge feature scope: In the official documentation, the Apache Foundation assumes that a complex deployment will take up to eight weeks. The fragility of the system is partly to blame for this long deployment time.

The steps described in this article do not guarantee success. You might need to make some changes on your workstation. However, CloudStack is definitely worthwhile if third parties fail to satisfy your needs. If you are taking your first steps into the IaaS business, the product still provides a solid base – despite its complexity.

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