The "removing systemd" experiment

Conclusion and Other Resources

  • Replacing the systemd startup from a systemd-controlled distribution by SysVinit or something else is comparably easy if dependencies are kept in place.
  • Removing systemd-introduced dependencies causes side effects on session management that need to be resolved with some manual configuration work.
  • The effort needed for maintaining a non-systemd-controlled distribution may increase with systemd's development progress (i.e., "it will never be finished").

Several HOWTOs are available for removing systemd partially or completely [3]-[5], recompiling packages without systemd dependencies, or simply choosing a GNU/Linux distro alternative that uses a different system to manage software [6]. The "pinning" of packages, especially, seems to be a good idea to prevent semiautomatic upgrades from "updating" a new systemd version over the no-systemd package and thereby causing conflicts.


  1. Systemd:
  2. Actually, systemd-logind will cause more trouble than systemd itself later.
  3. Removing systemd from Debian:
  4. Removing systemd from Ubuntu 16.04 and preventing its usage:
  5. Removing systemd from a Debian jessie/sid installation:
  6. Systemd and alternatives:

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