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Just as Fedora is the open source face of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, openSUSE (Figure 4) is the open source partner of SUSE. How openSUSE and SUSE interact has been a concern for years, no doubt partly because of SUSE's past changes in corporate ownership. Past efforts to ensure corporation have included joining the Package Hub repository, the SLE Factory First Policy for SUSE employees, and ongoing efforts to make the Public Beta Program more accessible.

Figure 4: OpenSUSE is a community project sponsored by the German IT vendor SUSE.

In early 2020, Vincent Moutoussamy proposed new initiatives for cooperation. Moutoussamy lists wiki projects to clarify process, efforts to enhance bugzilla.suse.com, increased attention to outstanding bugs, and more discussion of the relationship between openSUSE and SUSE. These suggestions amount to an ambitious overhaul of the ongoing relationship between the two distributions [8].

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