Secure online communication with MOFO Linux


The developers offer an elegant option to help users get around the limitations of the live system, such as the lack of persistence or the relatively slow speed.

The sudo apt update and sudo apt install calamares commands (alternatively: sudo apt install ubiquity) let you set up either the Calamares or the Ubiquity installation wizard on the live system. Both let you install the distribution on a mass storage device. However, doing so entails the risk of a forensic examination of the data carrier potentially revealing compromising data.

Alternatively, you can store the MOFO ISO image in a directory on an existing partition and start the image via the system's GRUB boot manager. The developers provide detailed instructions with the corresponding command syntax for the GRUB boot manager.


MOFO brings together numerous tools for anonymous Internet access and secure communication. For less frequently used applications, the distribution provides an installer that retroactively integrates the software into the system.

The range of tools covers just about every potential application scenario, so that you can chat, send and receive messages, and use blocked websites and services securely. This makes the live system a great choice as a secure communication platform for professional groups such as lawyers or journalists, but also offers significant benefits to the average consumer, whether traveling or at home.

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