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Smartphones, iPads, and Android tablets have rekindled popularity for all kinds of old-fashioned games, and in particular, games that involve drawing, coloring, and finding things. The weirdly named mki3dgame is a finding game, but rather than constraining itself to the limitations of a two-dimensional plane, mki3dgame hides objects for you to find within a 3D realm. Its name actually comes from the MKI 3D Rapid Modeler, a web-based, open source, and keyboard-driven 3D modeling tool, which was used to create all the 3D shapes in the game. The idea behind the game itself is to find and frame multiple red tokens hidden within the 3D environment using the targeting reticule to center the token and the direction keys to move toward the token so that you collide to collect it.

The command-line output of the game helpfully lists the various keyboard controls for moving the player through the 3D space. It also reports when a token is collected and how many more you have to find. There are also keyboard shortcuts for changing the graphics and loading a new random level. Sections of the targeting reticule can be clicked on to move or rotated without needing a keyboard, gamepad, or joystick, which makes the game a fun distraction. It can be quite difficult, though, as you move through the levels trying out different angles and approaches to reveal the tokens, and it's a process that's made more difficult by multiple monsters also moving through the environment, ending your attempt if you make contact with them. The latest release of the game includes four different types of these monsters and 32 stages to complete, which makes finishing the whole thing a considerable challenge. But if you enjoy finding things and want to improve your spatial awareness from a 2D dimensional screen, it's definitely worth the installation.

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Apart from the game itself, mki3dgame is a great project to study 3D and Golang programming.

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