A beautiful web radio for a living room music system


© Lead Image © Christos Georghiou, 123RF.com

© Lead Image © Christos Georghiou, 123RF.com

Article from Issue 254/2022

An LCD in an unusual format, a self-designed housing, and matching software make a simple Raspberry Pi web radio the perfect centerpiece for any living room.

Special projects deserve special components, which is why a display with unusual dimensions acts as the basis for my living room music system. However, the path to the final version was fraught with challenges.

A web radio based on a Pi Zero (Figure 1) came to life in 2018 as a lightweight tinkering project with a keyboard, mini-speakers, and a small LCD screen [1]. Now, however, it has found a permanent place on my audio/visual (AV) receiver (Figure 2). Today, it is no longer controlled by a keypad, but by an infrared remote control. This solution works well, but it has one obvious drawback: The display is simply too small for couch potatoes.

Therefore, a new version of the project has been in the pipeline for quite some time but has failed to materialize thus far because of the available display alternatives. In contrast to the current solution, which simply wires the display, the IR receiver, and the Pi Zero with a few jumpers, I wanted the next version to match the existing device landscape in terms of appearance. However, large displays have had a fairly off-putting format until now, and so the project didn't really get off the ground.


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