Solve Wordle puzzles with regular expressions


Often the simplest ideas pay off. For the Wordle inventor, his idea translated to millions of dollars in hard cash. For Linux users, Wordle also offers a great opportunity to learn how to use grep and regular expressions: The easiest way to learn is with a concrete example. Plus, you can easily impress other Wordle users: Wordle? Easy as pie – you just have to know the right words.

Savvy programmers are unlikely to think the examples shown here are the most elegant approaches. There are definitely better regular expressions to tackle Wordle puzzles in a far more compact and efficient way, but this was not our objective in this article. We wanted to use expressions that were as understandable and comprehensible as possible. We'd love to hear about your approach to solving Wordle. Do you know a better word list for Wordle? Have you programmed the killer Wordle regex or a Wordle solver for the terminal? Let us know.

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