Change internal logic from relays to an Arduino

Not Touching the Puzzle

The else function block (lines 48-53) starts the counterpoint to the if on line 37. In this case, the handles are not touching the puzzle, so I clear iMotorReset1 by setting it to   and perform a debug print to show that the motor has been turned off.

The Long Timeout

The if block in lines 70-76 checks two conditions: Is millis (current time) greater than ulMotor1, the long timeout value, and is a timeout timer active (ulMotor1 is not equal to  )? When the handle touches the puzzle, the delay is set for 10 seconds. If the handle remains in contact with the puzzle for that long, the motors are shut off.

The digitalWrite functions in lines 72 and 73 turn the motors off by setting the output pin to HIGH and turning off the relay. Line 74 sets the iMotorReset1 flag, and the final function sends the debug message Motor Timeout to indicate that the handle was left on the puzzle too long.

The Shorter Timeout

The simpler if block (lines 85-90) checks whether the short timer has been exceeded. Once the handle comes off the puzzle, it continues to buzz for half a second before you can continue your attempt. The digitalWrite functions in lines 87 and 88 do the work of turning the relays (and thus the motors) off; then, ulMotor1 is reset to   so that the buzzer can be triggered again the next time the circuit is triggered.

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