Change internal logic from relays to an Arduino


Any time you work on a project that was originally designed by someone else, you have an opportunity to learn. As you explore the existing circuitry and decide what you can reuse and what you need to replace, you discover the thought processes and electronic procedures that the previous designer incorporated into their work. This process not only gives you ideas for your next project, but also a road map for the current rebuild. Of course, if you can just talk to the original designer, the project will be much easier. As you know, that's not always the case.

While working on this project, I incorporated a few new features, like the long timeout for when the handle is left touching the puzzle halfway through. The hope is that this change will make the handles last longer and the motors won't burn out as quickly. I came up with a few other ideas, as well, but decided to hold those for yet another future iteration of this exhibit, which has been reinstalled on the museum floor, with guests once again enjoying getting Buzzwired.

The Author

Scott Sumner has worked in the museum and nonprofit industry for most of his professional career. He enjoys exploring technology solutions with Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, microcontrollers, and Linux systems.

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