Another Attempt at a Linux Tablet Is inthe Works

When PINE64 attempted to release the first PineTab, back in 2019, they ran into supply chain issues (and the rising popularity of their phones) that made the project impossible to complete.

Today, PINE64 is now confident they can overcome the issues and finally deliver a Linux-based tablet, called the PineTab2.

The new version of the PineTab benefits from improved specs from the original, including a Rockchip RK3565 processor and a Mali-G52 GPU.

The Rockchip is a curious option because it originally didn't have much in the way of Linux support. Fortunately, Linux support for the chip has blossomed, so the PineTab2 shouldn't have any problems.

Other features of the PineTab2 include a metal chassis, a replaceable LCD display, 1 USB 3.0 Type-C port, 1 USB 2.0 Type-C port (for charging), 1 micro HDMI port, 1 3.5mm audio jack, 5MP rear and 2MP front cameras, a microSD card reader, and a detachable backlit keyboard that can be customized via firmware flashing.

Other specs (as well as the price) have yet to be revealed. The PineTab2 will be available in two configurations: 8GB RAM/128GB flash storage and 4GB RAM/64GB flash storage.

Learn more about the PineTab2 from the PINE64 December update (

Now Available: Designing with LibreOffice2nd Edition

The second edition of Designing with LibreOffice, by Bruce Byfield and Jean Hollis Weber, is now available (

Unlike many primers for office apps, Designing with LibreOffice reaches past the basic how-to steps and puts the focus on design. The emphasis is on styles and templates, with attention to advanced techniques that take LibreOffice beyond word processing and into the realm of desktop publishing.

Designing with LibreOffice is available for free download ( in PDF or ODT format, or you can purchase a printed copy from (

KaOS Linux 2022.12 Has Plenty to BeExcited About

KaOS Linux 2022.12, a rolling release distribution based on Arch Linux, is now available and includes some exciting additions. First off, the distribution ships with Linux kernel 6.0. Next, KaOS Linux 2022.12 adds KDE Plasma 5.26.4, which is the latest version of the desktop environment. Along with that update are KDE Gear 22.12 and KDE Frameworks 5.101.

Some of the improvements to the desktop include: The Dolphin file manager finally includes a selection mode, which makes it easy to quickly select files and folders you want to work with; the Gwenview image viewer now offers brightness, contrast, and gamma controls; Kate (text editor) now includes a Keyboard Macro tool; and Kalendar now displays events within popup windows.

A new tool that should excite system admins is KJournald, which is a GUI application for viewing the system log. KJournald includes a filter tool, so you can quickly view only the information you need. Another new tool is the ghostwriter markdown editor.

For more information about the new release, check out the official announcement ( and then download a copy of the KaOS 2022.12 ISO image (

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