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Article from Issue 269/2023

You don't need Facebook to keep up with your friends online. With diaspora*, you get a similar experience without the spying.

The diaspora* federated social network allows users to independently run pods (diaspora* servers) to interact with each other and the world in a "privacy first" way. Technically speaking, diaspora* is a macroblogging platform. You could say it's a Fediverse equivalent to Facebook. You can still create a space that serves as your online presence, post pictures, links, and personal reflections. But this time, you stay in control of your data.

Anyone can set up or join their own diaspora* server (called a pod) using free and open source software. Although pods are managed separately from each other, they can be federated, so someone who uses their account on the US-based can still interact with another user who's registered with the German-based

Diaspora* (Figure 1) fills the strong need for a decentralized social network in a world where the established, monolithic social media services have abused their market dominance, playing fast and loose with users' privacy (see the box entitled "Facing Up to Facebook").


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