Linux Voice Introduction

Linux Voice Introduction

© Image © Olexandr Moroz,

© Image © Olexandr Moroz,

Article from Issue 272/2023

This month in Linux Voice.

For many users, the best thing about Linux is the tools – thousands of tools, and most of them available for no cost. You can be like a kid in a toy store, or, even better, like a kid in a toy maker's castle, where you can choose any toys you want and you don't have to worry about a parent saying "only choose one" or "choose the least expensive one." The tools of Linux let you build exactly the environment you want, customized for your preferences and habits. In this month's Linux Voice, we introduce you to three inspired utilities you might find useful and you won't find in the default configuration: the Espanso text expander, the nnn text-based file manager, and the terminal browser Carbonyl.

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