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On the DVD

Article from Issue 279/2024

EndeavourOS 11 and Arch Linux 2023.12.01

EndeavourOS 11


EndeavourOS is an ideal choice for users who want to experience Arch Linux but not the challenges of installing it. EndeavourOS replaces Arch's traditional manual install with Calamares, a popular graphic installer used by many modern distributions, making it more accessible than even the latest Arch release.

Code-named Galileo, EndeavourOS 11 is a housekeeping release, intended to make the distribution easier to both maintain and use. For the first time, community editions and multiple desktops are not available through the installer, and the default desktop is KDE Plasma instead of Xfce. Galileo also restructures package selection as well as the installer, offers stronger LUKS encryption, and improves dual booting with Windows, while also providing the usual application upgrades of most general releases. The overall result is an even more user-friendly distribution than earlier releases.

Arch Linux 2023.12.01

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