CherryTree: Feature-Laden Note-Taking Application

Dmitri Popov

Productivity Sauce

May 28, 2012 GMT
Dmitri Popov

CherryTree is not the only hierarchical note-taking application out there, but it's probably the most powerful one. Besides the basic note-taking functionality, CherryTree offers an impressive array of advanced features that make it a very versatile tool indeed. For starters, CherryTree offers a wide range of text formatting options and provides support for images, lists, and tables. You can also apply special formatting to headings and sub-headings, and then generate a hyperlinked table of contents. The application can also handle links to web pages, tree nodes, files, and folders. CherryTree's bookmarking functionality can come in handy for keeping tabs on complex trees, while the search and replace features can be used to perform searches and replacement operations in the currently selected node or in all nodes. Naturally, CherryTree offers all the tools for working with tree nodes, and you can create as many nodes and sub-nodes as you need. And you can rearrange nodes using drag-and-drop, which makes it supremely easy to manage complex trees.


CherryTree is perfectly suitable not only for taking notes, but also for managing code snippets. The application supports syntax highlighting for many popular programming languages, so you can use the application as a programmer's scratchpad. You can also insert code snippets directly into notes using so-called code boxes.

Each CherryTree notebook can be saved as an XML file or an SQLite database file. Moreover, you can protect the file with a password to keep your notes safe from prying eyes. Using CherryTree's import capabilities, you can export existing notes from a variety of note-taking tools, including KeepNote, Tomboy, BasKet, and others. The application also allows you to save notes in the HTML format and export them as PDF documents.

Thanks to its comprehensive feature set, CherryTree can serve a variety of purposes. For example, writing professionals can use it for drafting and organizing notes, while programmers will appreciate CherryTree's ability to handle code snippets. In short, CherryTree can handle pretty much any note-taking and note-organizing task you throw at it.

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