Extension Watch: Clever Tab Hiding with Tab Snooze

Dmitri Popov

Productivity Sauce

Dec 29, 2014 GMT
Dmitri Popov

What can you do with a tab that doesn't require immediate attention? Besides bookmarking it, your options are actually limited -- unless you choose to install the Tab Snooze extension for Google Chrome and Chromium. Using this tiny little tool, you can stash any tab for later. Tab Snooze gives you several options: you can save the tab for the same day, for the coming weekend, next month, and even for some other day. This offers an elegant way to schedule your web browsing and reading activities. When it's time for the saved tab to appear, Tab Snooze displays a discrete notification.


Since the extension is still under heavy development, it's not available on Google Web Store, so you have to side load it. To do this, clone the project's GitHub repository using the git clone git@github.com:athyuttamre/tab-snooze.git command. In Chrome or Chromium, switch to Preferences | More Tools | Extensions, enable the Developer mode option, press the Load unpacked extension button and select the cloned repository.

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