Extension Watch: Denting with IdentiFox

Dmitri Popov

Productivity Sauce

Apr 22, 2009 GMT
Dmitri Popov

Identi.ca may not generate the same buzz as Twitter, but the open source microblogging service based on the Laconica engine is quickly gaining popularity among open source developers, enthusiasts, and casual users alike. While you can post and read status updates -- or dents in Identi.ca's parlance -- using the service's Web front-end, a dedicated client can help you to manage your microblogging activites more efficiently. After trying a few available microblogging tools such as Gwibber and twidge, I finally settled for IdentiFox.


It's essentially a tweaked version of the popular TwitterFox extension for Firefox, and as such it offers pretty much the same feature set. It supports multiple Identi.ca accounts which can be configured using the Preferences dialog window. Here you can also specify how often IdentiFox should get updates, the duration of the popup window, and a couple of keyboard shortcuts. IdentiFox's interface contains three tabs: Recent (the latest dents from people you subscribe to), Replies ("@yourusername" replies), and Messages (direct messages to you). The link button lets you insert the URL of the current Web page in the message area, while the character count field helps you to stay within the 140-character limit. Finally, shortcut icons next to each dent allow you to reply to the dent or mark it as a favorite. Obviously, IdentiFox is not the most advanced Identi.ca client out there, but it makes it extremely easy to post and read dents without leaving the convenience of your favorite browser.

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