Handle Multiple Time Zones with WorldTimeBuddy for Chrome and Chromium

Dmitri Popov

Productivity Sauce

May 26, 2011 GMT
Dmitri Popov

Admittedly, the WorldTimeBuddy web app is pretty much a glorified bookmark to the namesake web service, but it's a rather handy service, indeed. As you might have guessed, WorldTimeBuddy allows you to view time in multiple time zones, a boon for those who deal with people and businesses in different parts of the world. World clock tools and apps are a dime a dozen, but WorldTimeBuddy stands out from the crowd thanks to its superior user experience. The service automatically detects your home zone (the service supports more than 20,000 locations), and you can easily add new locations by typing their names in the search box.

The best part is that WorldTimeBuddy not only shows the current times in the added locations, but also displays "hour rulers" with a slider. So instead of calculating the time in your head, you can simply move the slider to the desired time slot and immediately see the time in other locations. Click then on the slider, and you can create a separate meeting page with its own unique URL which you can share with other users. This is a no-frills, user-friendly service that has the virtue of doing one thing very well -- and that's exactly what makes it so useful.

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