Herd Your Tasks with Nitro

Dmitri Popov

Productivity Sauce

May 10, 2012 GMT
Dmitri Popov

Still haven't found a task manager that fits your needs? Perhaps you should take a look at Nitro. It doesn't offer any revolutionary functionality, and the current version doesn't even allow you to sync data across different platforms and devices (although this feature is in the works). But this no-frills task management tool offers all the basic features that can help you to keep tabs on your tasks and to-dos with a minimum of effort. For each task, you can specify priority and deadline, and color codes make it easier to identify the urgency of each task. Tasks in Nitro can be organized into lists, and the application features a few built-in date-based smart lists which can help you to keep tabs on your tasks. You can easily move tasks between lists and rearrange them using the mouse, and the search feature allows you to find tasks that match specified criteria.


Nitro is available both as a desktop application and as an extension for the Google Chrome and Chromium browsers. The latter is a boon for users who prefer to access and manage their tasks without leaving the convenience of the browser. Nitro is a likable tool, and the only thing that holds it back right now is the lack of syncing capabilities. If syncing is not high on your list of demands, then you ought to give Nitro a try.

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