Qute: A Sleek, No-Frills Text Editor

Dmitri Popov

Productivity Sauce

Feb 29, 2012 GMT
Dmitri Popov

Unlike other distraction-free text editors, Qute offers a writing environment that is both sleek and easy on your eyes. The editor features several rather attractive themes and a selection of high-quality fonts.


But the pleasant appearance is not the only thing that sets Qute apart from other distraction-free editors. Qute supports Markdown markup for formatting text, and it does so in a somewhat novel way. When you create a new paragraph or click on an existing one, the editor displays it in the editing mode, so you can format the text using Markdown markup. When you are done editing the paragraph, double-click on it to switch the paragraph to the display mode, so you can view the resulting formatting. Alternatively, you can enable a so-called split view which displays raw text with markdown markup and resulting formatting side-by-side. Qute allows you to output the currently opened text file to the HTML or PDF formats, but to do that, you need to install the Pandoc software. In addition to that, you can copy the text file to the clipboard as a plain text or HTML file. All in all, Qute is a rather likable distraction-free editor, but it lacks two essential features: word count and spell checking. If you can live without them, you should give Qute a try.

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