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Rikki Endsley

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Aug 18, 2008 GMT
Rikki Kite

On August 14, the first beta testing version of Django was released.

We've been to a lot of events this year, and I heard people talking about Django at a few of them. In fact, several people I talked to didn't realize that Linux Pro Magazine is based in Lawrence, Kansas, but they did know that Django was developed here.

Although our October issue won't hit the newsstands for a few more weeks, I couldn't wait to post Fret Free: Django and the Django Software Foundation.

The article's author, Frank Wiles, has an office right down the street from ours. In fact, Frank is the only author who has ever walked down the street to review his article before I sent it to print. ( Thanks Frank!)


  • Finally

    I knew I'd be first at something one of these days! Too bad you guys don't give out Gold Medals! happy
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