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Sep 08, 2008 GMT
Rikki Kite

Well I finally did it – I started our Linux Pro Twitter account. I have a personal Twitter account, too, but I'll admit that I rarely use it. I'm obsessive compulsive enough that you'd think I'd tweet as frequently as I check my email, but I just don't.

I have a couple of questions about how people use Twitter: What kind of tweets do you like best? And what kind of tweets really annoy you?


  • thanks for the feedback

    Thanks for the feedback, Maria! I plan to tweet about updates to the site, magazine, articles, authors, and events. I'm assuming no one cares what I have for breakfast, so I'll skip that when I tweet (but on the off chance that you do care – it was yogurt, coffee, and juice this morning).
  • To tweet or not to ...oh you get the idea

    Any tweet that's informative is good. I don't even mind multiple tweets in a row for a particular idea. Tweets about the website changes would be *great*.

    Hope it helps. Glad to see the magazine on Twitter! It'll remind me to check the website more often.
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