An Even Smaller Raspberry Pi

Apr 08, 2014

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced an even smaller version of the tiny computer that will fit into a DIMM slot.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced the impending debut of an even smaller and less expensive version of the credit-card-sized Raspberry Pi computer. The new product, which they call the Raspberry Pi Compute Module, doesn't come with the standard ports but is, instead, designed to fit into a DDR2 SO-DIMM connector.
The developers say their goal with creating the Raspberry Pi Compute Module is to make it easy for users to create their own custom-printed circuit boards and then add the Raspberry Pi as a ready-made CPU, with its accompanying OS, APIs, and application software.
Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the announcement is the possibility for integrating the Raspberry Pi Compute Module into inudstrial uses. Although the Compute Module fits in a DIMM2 slot, the foundation points out that you can't just plug it into the memory slot of your laptop, because the connectors do different things. According to Raspberry Pi Foundation Hardware Director James Adams, the Raspberry Pi developers are launching another product called the Compute Module IO Board to act as a breakout board for prototyping designs based on the Compute Module.

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