Chrome 2.0 Alpha: Linux Version in June

Jan 12, 2009

Google has released version of Chrome. This latest rendering comes with an updated Webkit and heralds complete support for Linux and Mac.

Besides the revamped Webkit, which provides improved CSS support and a new zoom function, Google has, according to the release notes, modified the internal protocol. Instead of using the Windows' HTTP library, Chrome comes with its own HTTP network protocol. This clears the way for Linux and Mac versions of the browser. From the release notes:

"Google Chrome now has its own implementation of the HTTP network protocol (we were using the WinHTTP library on Windows, but need common code for Mac and Linux). We fixed a few bugs in HTTP authentication and made Google Chrome more compatible with servers that reply with invalid HTTP responses. We need feedback on anything that's currently broken, particularly with proxy servers, secure (https) sites, and sites that require log in."

From the Linux point of view, these are important changes. But there's more: among other new features, Google developers have built in support for Firefox extensions. According to a statement from product manager Brian Rakowski on, the Linux and Mac versions of Chrome should be available in this year's second quarter.

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